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Resorts all over the world

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  • Canada
    Between mountains, lakes and big cities, live an unforgettable experience in Canada and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Book directly on
  • United States Of America
    From towering mountain tops to under-the-sea wonderlands, enjoy an unique experience in one of our resorts in the United States. Book directly on


  • France
    Enjoy varied landscapes, featuring everything from mountains to beaches and forests to Mediterranean scrublands that offers France. Book directly on
  • Italy
    From exceptional food to beautiful landscapes, fun nightlife to family-friendly resorts, enjoy a unique experience in Italy. Book directly on

Middle East & Africa

  • Turkey
    Rest, relax and rejuvenate : enjoy a wellbeing stay in one of our resorts in Trukey, where Eastern and Western traditions meet. Book directly on
  • Morocco
    From bustling souks to sublime beaches, live an exceptional experience in Morocco and enjoy your stay in one of our resorts. Book directly on
  • Egypt
    Sun, sea, sand – and so much more ! Live an amazing experience in Egypt and enjoy your stay in one of our resorts. Book directly on
  • United Arab Emirates
    From its family-friendly resorts to its honeymoon suites, enjoy a unique stay in one of our resorts in the United Arab Emirates. Book directly on
  • Saudi Arabia
    Live an exceptional and unique experience in the middle east and enjoy your stay in one of our resorts in Saudi Arabia. Book directly on


  • Cambodia
    Discover a heady mix of World Heritage sites, lush forests, spectacular beaches and buzzing cities that offers Cambodia. Book directly on
  • Thailand
    Live an exceptional experience in Asia and enjoy the landscapes, beaches, customs and temples of one of our resorts in Thailand. Book directly on
  • Indonesia
    Enjoy a unique flora and fauna as well as stunning views that offers Indonesia and enjoy your stay in one of our resort. Book directly on
  • Maldives
    Enjoy an incredible experience in the middle of the indian ocean, in one of the most beautiful islands in the world : the Maldives. Book directly on
  • Singapore
    Discover an modern metropolis amid a profusion of tropical greenery that is Singapore and enjoy your stay in one of our resorts. Book directly on
  • Vietnam
    Explore a colourful land filled with lush green jungles, pristine white beaches and glittering gold temples that offers Vietnam. Book directly on
  • China
    Discover the Middle Kingdom, a country steeped in thousands of years of history that is China and enjoy a unique experience. Book directly on


  • French Polynesia
    Dive into the ultimate wellbeing experience in a spa resort and enjoy your stay in beautiful turquoise waters of French Polynesia. Book directly on
  • Australia
    Awe-inspiring beaches, incredible natural landmarks and eye-popping wildlife, live an exceptional exeprience in Australia. Book directly on
  • New Zealand
    Live an unique experience in Pacific Ocean and enjoy your stay between beautiful beaches and mountains that offers New Zealand. Book directly on
  • Fiji
    Live an exceptional experience in Pacific Ocean and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of one of our resorts in Fiji islands. Book directly on

Our resorts around the world

Plan an unforgettable staycation and indulge in the luxury of our exceptional resorts that will cater to everything you need. From family-friendly activities to romantic getaways and we guarantee spectacular moments await you.


Experience excellent dining options curated by our chefs who prepare meals that are a treat for every palette. Enjoy the renowned wellness and health facilities in the region to relax reinvigorate yourself.


Book today, and witness like never before and allow us to take care of you and your loved ones.