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Our luxury resorts in Turkey

About our resorts in Turkey

Nestled amidst a rich tapestry of history, culture, and pristine landscapes, Turkey offers an enchanting escape for those with discerning tastes. From the storied splendor of Istanbul, adorned with ancient bazaars and soaring mosques, to the sun-kissed allure of the Turkish Riviera, each destination beckons with its own unique charm. The lively avenues of Bodrum captivate with a cosmopolitan air, while the tranquil inlets of Gocek offer a peaceful retreat. Our Turkey resorts embody the spirit of each setting, presenting a sumptuous base from which to unearth the nation's hidden jewels.


Antalya, cradled by the majestic Taurus Mountains, boasts crystalline waters and glistening sands, perfect for both relaxation and historical exploration. Bodrum's charming whitewashed buildings and pulsating nightlife are a siren call to the culturally curious and revelers alike. In Istanbul, a city spanning two continents, you're invited to a feast of architectural masterpieces and gastronomic wonders. Meanwhile, Gocek, a secluded paradise dotted with exclusive marinas and lush reserves, offers blissful seclusion for those in search of tranquility.





Activities at our resorts in Turkey

Our Turkish resorts are sanctuaries of pleasure and adventure, with a plethora of activities to satisfy all preferences. At Rixos Beldibi, nestled in Antalya, guests can delight in aquatic pursuits or find serenity at Anjana Spa, while Rixos Premium Tekirova offers exhilarating Mediterranean escapades against the Taurus Mountains' grandeur. For families, Rixos Premium Belek is a treasure trove of fun, close to the thrills of The Land of Legends Kingdom theme park and a host of beachfront activities.Land Of Legends Kingdom itself marries opulent stays with theme park exhilaration.


At Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach, sun worshippers can bask in the Aegean glow or embark on historic ventures in Bodrum. For an urban retreat with flair, Raffles Istanbul and Rixos Pera Istanbul are poised to fulfill every wish, from spa indulgence to rooftop feasts with breathtaking Bosphorus vistas. And for adults desiring a secluded hideaway, Rixos Premium Göcek Adult Only offers a serene oasis amidst the captivating beauty of Göcek's marinas and pine-clad hills.

Outstanding amenities at our resorts

Our Turkish resorts are sanctuaries of space and sophistication, where every stay is marked by opulence and elegance. Rixos Beldibi enchants with rooms that offer breathtaking views of sea and mountain alike, while its suites provide the pinnacle of comfort and exclusivity. Rixos Premium Tekirova showcases an array of accommodations, from deluxe rooms with sea views to lavish villas, guaranteeing an extraordinary sojourn for families and groups.


At Rixos Premium Belek, guests are welcomed into a world of sophistication with tastefully designed rooms and suites, some boasting direct access to a secluded beach pavilion. For an enchanting stay, Land Of Legends Kingdom offers fantastical suites that transport you into a realm of imagination and splendor. Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach, provides a haven of tranquility, with accommodations that afford stunning vistas of sea or garden, crafted with contemporary elegance and confort.


Urban luxury reaches new heights at Raffles Istanbul, where artfully adorned rooms and suites boast private terraces for admiring the city's grandeur. The allure extends to Rixos Pera Istanbul, where lodgings capture the dynamic essence of Beyoglu. In the serene Gocek, Rixos Premium Göcek Adult Only and Club Privé By Rixos Gocek offer a selection of suites and villas that harmonize with the beauty of the locale, providing an exclusive and tranquil getaway

Frequently asked questions

In Turkey, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy state-of-the-art gym facilities at numerous resorts. Notable ones include Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach with its pürovel spa & sport, and Rixos Premium Bodrum, both offering exceptional fitness centers to keep you active during your stay.

Yes, many resorts in Turkey feature pools for guests to enjoy. For instance,  Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach has both an indoor and an outdoor pool, as does Swissôtel The Bosphorus - Istanbul, perfect for a refreshing swim.

Rixos Premium Göcek Adult Only resort in Turkey features an exclusive adults-only pool, offering a serene escape amidst the beautiful Aegean Sea backdrop.

In Turkey, you can indulge in spa treatments at theSwissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach's sea & spa, unwind at the luxurious spa in Raffles Istanbul, or enjoy the superb facilities at the spa in Swissôtel The Bosphorus - Istanbul.

The stunning Raffles Istanbul offers rooms with private balconies, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the vibrant city and the beautiful Bosphorus.

All 12 resorts in Turkey offer rooms with breathtaking views. For instance, Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach and Rixos Premium Bodrum boast sea and garden views, while Raffles Istanbul provides panoramic vistas of the Bosphorus.

Rixos Premium Göcek Adult Only resort in Turkey is a romantic haven, offering a stunning ultra-all-inclusive retreat for adults amidst the breathtaking aegean sea, complete with private beach and serene pine forests.

For a family-friendly stay in Turkey,  Rixos Premium Bodrum andRixos Premium Tekirova both offer babysitting services and activities for all ages. Land Of Legends Kingdom is especially designed for children with fairy-tale inspired rooms. Each of these resorts ensures a memorable family holiday.

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