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About our resorts in Poland

Discover the allure of Poland, a land where history and pristine landscapes fuse into an enchanting European tapestry. In the chic coastal town of Sopot, the grandeur of its lengthy wooden pier stretches into the Baltic Sea, beckoning visitors to its sophisticated embrace. Nearby, the charismatic Gdansk enchants with its maritime heritage and the iconic Neptune's Fountain, a jewel in the crown of its historic Long Market. Venture southward to the tranquil mountain haven of Karpacz, where the soaring Krkonoše Mountains await intrepid explorers. And in Krynica Zdroj, revered as the 'Pearl of Polish Spas', wellness enthusiasts will find solace in its healing mineral springs amidst the scenic Beskid Mountains.


Sopot's vibrant Monte Cassino Street, adorned with cafes and boutique shops, invites leisurely strolls before beach lounging or sea swimming. Gdansk's architectural tapestry weaves Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements, while museums like the European Solidarity Centre and the majestic St. Mary's Church offer a deep cultural dive. Karpacz is the perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts, boasting the renowned Ski Jump Orlinek and the serene Wang Church, a Nordic architectural treasure. Krynica Zdroj's picturesque promenade, bordered by historic sanatoriums, is ideal for peaceful ambles, and the Nikifor Museum sheds light on the famed local naïve artist.


Accor's warm hospitality unites these diverse Polish settings, from the coastal leisure of Sopot to Gdansk's cultural riches, Karpacz's alpine adventures, and Krynica Zdroj's healthful retreats, crafting an unforgettable holiday experience.



Krynica Zdroj


Activities at our resorts in Poland

 Mercure Karpacz Skalny invites guests to experience mountain tranquility, with an indoor pool oasis and a massage to ease the day's exertions. Children can frolic in the playground, and the barbecue hut presents an enchanting dining experience under the stars. At the seaside Novotel Gdańsk Marina, indulge in an array of pursuits from indoor pool leisure at Sea & Spa to tennis games enhanced by the invigorating sea air.


Embrace the serenity at the opulent Hotel Mercure Krynica Zdroj Resort & Spa, where the medical spa center offers a fusion of rejuvenation and relaxation, and a special play area ensures youngsters are equally entertained. In Sopot, Rezydent Sopot MGallery Hotel Collection stands as a sanctuary of tranquility, with its intimate spa providing a retreat from the everyday.


With activities tailored to diverse tastes, from the thrill of watersports at the Novotel Gdańsk Marina to the peaceful allure of Mercure Karpacz Skalny's mountainous embrace, Accor's resorts invite guests to celebrate the day with beach festivities or culinary splendors, guaranteeing moments brimming with enjoyment and repose.

Outstanding amenities at our resorts

Mercure Karpacz Skalny offers a choice of picturesque views from its rooms, be it the verdant gardens or the Krkonoše Mountains' dense forests, providing a backdrop of elegance and comfort. Novotel Gdansk Marina enchants with a variety of rooms and suites, some boasting serene vistas of the Bay of Gdansk, offering guests a tranquil sea-gazing sanctuary.


 At Hotel Mercure Krynica Zdroj Resort & Sp rooms exude a mountain resort charm, equipped with modern amenities and panoramic views, ensuring family convenience or a touch of luxury. Sopot's Rezydent Sopot MGallery Hotel Collection melds elegance and comfort in rooms such as the deluxe, which features a king-size bed and sofa, crafting a sophisticated retreat.


Each resort boasts spacious accommodations, exquisite design, and an enchanting location, whether by the beachfront or seaside, inviting guests into an extraordinary realm of luxury. From the plush linens to the elegant furnishings, every detail is meticulously curated for a memorable stay at our Polish resorts.

Frequently asked questions

Both Novotel Gdansk Marina and Mercure Karpacz Skalny in Poland boast fitness centers. The recreation zone at Novotel Gdansk Marina and the fitness room at Mercure Karpacz Skalny are perfect for guests looking to stay active during their stay.

Indeed, resorts in Poland offer pool facilities. Novotel Gdansk Marina, features an inviting indoor pool, perfect for relaxation. Similarly, Mercure Karpacz Skalny boasts a wellness centre & spa with an indoor pool, ensuring guests can enjoy a swim in any season.

Polish cuisine is known for its hearty, comforting dishes that make use of traditional ingredients like pork, potatoes, and cabbage. You may want to try some regional specialties, such as oscypek (smoked sheep's cheese) in Zakopane or kremówka (a cream-filled pastry) in Wadowice. Polish beer is also popular and can be found in a variety of styles as well as compote: a sweet drink made by simmering fruit in water and sugar, often served chilled.

In Poland, indulge in relaxation at the spa facilities available at <Novotel Gdansk Marina with their sea & spa, and at Mercure Karpacz Skalny, nestled at the foot of the Krkonoše Mountains, featuring a wellness centre & spa.

Experience breathtaking bay views from your room at Novotel Gdansk Marina, where you can choose rooms that directly face the sea for a truly scenic stay.

Pet-friendly resorts in Poland include Novotel Gdansk Marina and Mercure Karpacz Skalny, both welcoming your furry friends to enjoy a comfortable stay with you.

For a splendid family-friendly stay in Poland, consider Novotel Gdansk Marina, with its children's playground and seaside activities. Mercure Karpacz Skalny is also ideal, nestled by the mountains and featuring a kids' playground and games room.

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