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Resor mewah kami di Kanada

Jelajahi resor kami di Kanada

Oh, Kanada! Resor mewah ALL merepresentasikan nuansa negeri indah ini, dengan semua restoran, hiburan, serta area relaksasi yang semakin melengkapi.

Quebec City



Lake Louise

Tentang Kanada

Ketika mendengar kata "Kanada", yang terbayang oleh kebanyakan orang adalah lanskap pegunungan menakjubkan yang keindahannya tak lekang oleh waktu. Dan pada kenyataannya, negara di bagian utara ini memang menawarkan semua itu, termasuk beragam hal mengesankan lainnya. Resor kebugaran ALL menawarkan suasana santai Kanada yang tiada banding.

Pertanyaan Umum

Canada has plenty of connections to countries all around the world, as well as lots of domestic air and train links, so it is an accessible destination for all its northern remoteness. Public transport connections from city to city and onward to your ALL spa resort are very advanced, but you may choose to hire a car for your Canadian journey. In fact, driving can be one of the most dazzling ways to explore a land of mountain roads and wide-open spaces. If you choose this option, look out for parking – including valet parking – at your ALL luxury resort.

Canada’s wilderness is there for exploring, and there are so many ways to do that. Whether hiking, biking, kayaking or simply driving is your thing, you will love getting to know an unspoilt landscape filled with unique flora and fauna, but do make sure you check out all the cultural and entertainment attractions in its ultra-modern cities. Your ALL boutique resort also offers plenty of ways to get out and about. At the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge mountain resort, for instance, gives you access to everything from horseback riding to golf, boating to basketball.

Canada has a thriving and forward-looking food culture, and its luxury resorts very much reflect this. Take the Fairmont Château Lake Louise, for example. This unforgettable mountain resort on the banks of one of western Canada’s most dazzling lakes has no fewer than six restaurants. Their menus range from hearty, indulgent comfort food (perfect after a day spent outdoors) to seasonal haute cuisine inspired by the Rocky Mountains’ local food culture. The resort’s two glamourous bars are also an excellent place to rest, relax and try some delicious wines, beers and cocktails in the heart of Banff National Park.

When it comes to relaxation, ALL’s spa resorts in Canada have no rivals. The Fairmont Tremblant, for example, has not just several pools and a blissful spa, but a fitness centre too, so guests can wind down in style after a long day skiing or exploring. At the other side of the country, the Fairmont Château Whistler wellness resort has won itself a reputation as Whistler's top health and wellness vacation destination. As well as three outdoor whirlpools, the resort has a fitness centre where guests can get their hearts pumping and two immaculate swimming pools – as well as spectacular mountain views, of course.

Canada’s high season is its summer months, which span from June to August and bring hot temperatures to much of the country. May, September and October are generally a little quieter, but the weather can often be pleasant and visitors are treated to the spectacular sights of the changing seasons from their ALL luxury resort. From November to April, it is winter in Canada, and that means heavy snowfall and some truly cold temperatures in lots of regions. The advantage of this, of course, is plenty of opportunities for skiing, so consider an ALL mountain resort if you are travelling at this time of year.

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